Spider™ 125

McElroy’s Spider™ 125 is the preferred equipment for quick and accurate socket fusion field installations of 63mm to 125mm (2″ – 4″) polypropylene pipe and fittings. The lightweight, compact device features a worm gear drive with parallel link system to bring pipe and fittings together evenly and under control. The clamping system provides total encirclement of the pipe and fittings.

The features of the Spider 125 allow a single technician to properly align, heat, fuse and cool the pipe. Because the Spider is non-back drivable, constant pressure is maintained throughout the process. The Spider has proven to be an exceptional tool for performing socket fusions in overhead, vertical and tight-space situations. A full assortment of heaters and heater adapters are available from McElroy for pipe sizes in the 63mm to 125mm range.

• Lightweight and compact
• Quick-release chain clamp jaw system
• Removeable crank handle
• Quick-change inserts support popular pipe and fitting sizes
• Mechanical stab depth gauge
• Two-position support handle
• Non-back driveable gearing

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