Spider™ 125 with Universal Clamping

The Spider™ 125 with Universal Clamping system is the ideal tool for socket fusion installations of 63mm to 125mm (2″ – 4″) polypropylene (PP) pipe.

The lightweight, compact device features a worm gear drive with parallel link system to bring pipe and fittings together evenly and under control. It features a Universal Clamping system that can accommodate any size of pipe or coupling, eliminating the need for inserts.

The features of the Spider 125 allow a single technician to properly align, heat, fuse and cool the pipe. Because the Spider is non-back drivable, constant pressure is maintained throughout the process.

The Spider has proven to be an exceptional tool for performing socket fusions in overhead, vertical and tight work spaces. A full assortment of heaters and heater adapters are available from McElroy for pipe sizes in the 63mm to 125mm range.



  • Hand-powered
  • No inserts necessary
  • Universal Clamping jaw system fits all pipe brands and fittings
  • Non-back-drivable gearing, self-locking
  • Two-position support handle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Self-centering
  • Wide jaws provide stability on pipe


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