Payoff System

McElroy’s level wound payoff system, tucks neatly below the bare tube rack upstream of the existing slit payoff tables. Designed to payoff level wound coils of aluminum, copper, or steel fin stock of up to 1200 pounds and maximum outside diameter of 36″, the downtime for loading and rethreading of fin stock is significantly reduced. Essentially one level wound coil will replace eight pancake coils of slit aluminum fin stock. Conservatively, you can anticipate a 10% increase in production time per shift.

The payoff system comes complete with 3HP, C Face, AC motor, and is capable of fin strip speeds up to 13 feet or 4 meters per second. On board software allows the payoff to sense the speed of the machine and the need for more or less strip automatically. Acceleration or braking of the payoff system is matched to the production of the finning machine with uniform tension on the strip.

The Payoff System comes complete with hardware to install on operator, back side of machine, or end of the bare tube rack.

Service After Sales

  • Technical support
  • Training at your site or in McElroy’s plant or both.
  • Periodic updates on the latest R&D
  • Information on maximum production criteria
  • Reference charts
  • Specifications for tube and fin stock
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