In Field® Tensile Tester

McElroy’s In Field Tensile Tester provides a quick and easy way to qualitatively test fusion joints in the field. The dual reduced section coupon allows for a quick comparison of the integrity of the joint versus the parent pipe. A hand-pump system tests coupons from 2” IPS and larger pipes (up to 5” thick wall). To create the coupon, a template is attached to the pipe’s outer wall, where a drill and reciprocating saw produce the coupon in minutes. The coupon is then inserted into the hand-pump tensile test unit for destructive testing.

In Field® Tensile Tester

• Qualitative testing of a joint in the field
• Faster and easier than a bend test
• Can produce coupons from up to 5-inch thick pipe wall
• Template accommodates 2” IPS and larger pipe
• Process takes minutes, not days or weeks
• Hand-pump system tests coupon

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