Hydraulic Clamping

One of the more popular features of large-diameter MegaMc™ fusion machines is the hydraulic clamping that tightens the jaw clamps. Now, users can retrofit their Rolling and TracStar® 412s, Rolling and TracStar® 618s, and TracStar® 500 Series II, with hydraulic clamping that replaces the standard manual crank clamp knobs. The retrofit kit can be installed by your local McElroy distributor and includes a manifold block that is added to the carriage and controls the two fixed jaw cylinders and two movable jaw cylinders independently. Included in the kit are two inner-upper jaws for adjusting high-low that are specific to clamping-enabled machines.

  • Increased productivity by eliminating manual cranking of clamp knobs
  • Less time spent working with jaw operation and more time spent fusing pipe
  • Quick disconnect hydraulic fittings are provided for fusing tees, ells, and tie-ins
  • Retrofit kit can be installed at your local McElroy distributor

These kits are compatible with McElroy 412, 618, and 500 fusion machines. Also compatible are the 412 and 618 Rolling machines introduced in 2003 under the model number series 1248100 & 1869100. New 412, 618, and 500 machines can be ordered with Hydraulic Clamping pre-installed.

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