DataLogger® 4

The DataLogger® 4 from McElroy offers the ability to record and document the parameters of the pipe fusion process. The latest generation of DataLogger is smaller in size, has a rechargeable internal battery, double the screen resolution of previous DataLoggers, and a pressure sensor with a 0 to 3,000 PSI pressure range. The DataLogger 4 has worldwide appeal, with multilingual support and recognition of many international fusion standards.

The FusionGuide™ feature gives a faster “go/no-go” interpretation of graphs generated by the DataLogger. Trained inspectors can look at the FusionGuide data to determine if a fusion joint was fused with correct pressures and times according to supported standards.

  • FusionGuide™ visual graph interpretation
  • For up to 3,000 PSI jobsites
  • Rugged handheld device
  • Multilingual support
  • Support for many fusion standards
  • Support for butt fusion, sidewall fusion and dual containment fusion
  • On-screen coaching leads operator step-by-step to generate joint reports
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